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The Bronx RHIO harnesses the power of information technology to transform the delivery of healthcare in the Bronx. Our secure, interoperable health information exchange enables providers across the Bronx to access critical patient information from multiple sources as soon as it is available and deliver the ultimate benefit to their patients and the community – better, safer and more efficient healthcare. The Bronx RHIO participates in the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (the “SHIN-NY”).

Provider NEWS
The Bronx RHIO continually enhances its data feeds and welcomes new stakeholders. If providers are interested in advanced analytics or in receiving alert notifications or have other messaging needs, please contact the Bronx RHIO to discuss further. The Bronx RHIO participates in multiple Health Home projects and has a track record of supporting DSRIP’s and assisting providers in their management of populations and quality initiatives.
Participating providers interested in serving on a Bronx RHIO committee should contact the RHIO for additional information. Please contact the Bronx RHIO at 718-708-6630 or
Patient NEWS
Do you receive health care in the Bronx ? If so, there is a trusted computer-based information system that helps your doctors give you better care through the secure sharing of your health information. Being part of the Bronx RHIO is easy, all you need to do is sign a Bronx RHIO consent form. Please ask your health-care provider where to sign up for the Bronx RHIO.

Please visit our COVID-19 page for more information on our response and support.
Please see how we are using Machine Learning to predict hospital utilization.
Please see how we are using FHIR-ready, Cross-QE Structured Data Exchange to support value-based payment arrangements and quality measurement.
Please see how Bronx RHIO is using COVID-19 recovery flags to distinguish patients believed to have recovered from COVID-19 from those with active cases.

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