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The Bronx RHIO has live data feeds from many major Bronx providers and more is added each month. Please see participants for an updated list of data suppliers.

The Bronx RHIO participates in the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (the “SHIN-NY”) and offers many valuable services to providers including:

  • Advanced Analytics – Customized population health management reporting and intervention services offered through our Bronx Regional Informatics Center (BRIC).
  • Consent Management – The ability to track patient consent according to NY State policy.  Access to patient data from the Bronx RHIO by a provider requires consent from the patient.  The Bronx RHIO stores consent decisions and tracks authorized access.
  • Data Availability Notification Services – Notification in EMR if Community Data is available in the Bronx RHIO.
  • Data Quality Management – Monitoring, reporting, and reconciliation of data quality issues.
  • DIRECT Secure Messaging – The ability to log into a browser and send a DIRECT message to another provider with a DIRECT capable Inbox, or the ability to connect an EHR to a HISP hosted by the Bronx RHIO and a message addressed from within the EHR is routed by the Bronx RHIO’s HISP to any other DIRECT capable recipient’s Inbox.
  • eReferral Management – Routing of electronic referrals between participants.
  • Identity Management & Security – The ability to securely authenticate providers and ensure patient privacy.
  • Notifications – The ability for the Bronx RHIO to monitor incoming data feeds from providers, detect significant events and send an alert to providers subscribed to receive the specified alert. Includes Cross QE Alerts.
  • Patient Record Lookup – The ability to search for a patient’s prior clinical records contained within the Bronx RHIO and Statewide (SHIN-NY) via a web-based viewer or from within an EHR.
  • PCMH Practice and Health Plan Support – Alerts and clinical measure calculation for PCMH practices and health plans.
  • Provider Clinical Viewer – A browser-based portal for a provider to securely access individual patient records from all available local, statewide and other data sources accessible by the Bronx RHIO and assembled in a Virtual Health Record.

The Virtual Health Record consolidates and displays available information through a secure web portal. The core data set includes lab results, outpatient medications, medication allergies, inpatient medications, diagnosis and problems, radiology reports, cardiology reports, plans of care, other transcribed reports including discharge summaries as well as demographic information.

  • Public Health Clinical Viewer – A browser-based portal for staff at public health departments to securely access individual patient records.
  • Public Health Integration – The ability to route public health reporting information to NY State and NY City designated aggregation points on behalf of providers.
  • Results Delivery – The ability to deliver results and reports back to ordering providers and others designated to receive results.
  • Secure Messaging – The ability to send peer-to-peer messages between two trusted providers who are members of the Bronx RHIO.
  • Single Sign On Services – Single Sign On to Bronx RHIO integrated with EMR.

Please see our Service Availability Disclosure document for a current summary of available services.

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