Fact Sheet

What is the Bronx RHIO?
The Bronx RHIO is a Bronx-wide computer information system. The Bronx RHIO helps authorized health care providers securely access and share your medical records. Providers are doctors, nurses, health-care workers, hospitals and clinics.
Why do health-care providers share information?
Health-care providers can make better choices about your care and treatment when they have as much information as possible about your health. Providers get information on lab and x-ray tests, medical history, prescribed medicines and other reports. They can get this information faster if they use the Bronx RHIO.
How can the Bronx RHIO help make your care better?
In emergencies: If you go to the emergency room and can’t remember what medicines you are taking, the doctor can get that information immediately from the Bronx RHIO, which can help the doctor make better decisions about your treatment.

If you are pregnant: If you have to go to the hospital, the doctors and nurses will be able to see a record of your pregnancy care. They will be able to make safer decisions about how to take care of you and your baby.

Avoiding taking tests more than one time: If you just had lab tests at your doctor’s office or a clinic, and then you are admitted to the hospital, you may not have to take those tests again. The hospital can get your test results from the Bronx RHIO.

What are your rights?
As a patient, you have the right to say “Yes” or “No” to participating in the Bronx RHIO. Doctors and others involved in your care may see and share your health information through the Bronx RHIO only if you say they can by giving your consent. Sharing your medical information through the Bronx RHIO cannot happen unless you sign a consent form. Please see our Privacy Policy to read more.

To resolve an inquiry or dispute over the accuracy or integrity of their Protected Health Information, and to have erroneous information corrected or to have a dispute documented if the request to revise data is denied, please contact the appropriate Participant organization.

Is shared health information kept private and confidential?
Yes. Federal and State laws are very specific about privacy and confidentiality. We strictly follow those laws. The Bronx RHIO will not share health information with anyone who is not involved in your care and who is not a member of the Bronx RHIO.
Which organizations share information through the Bronx RHIO?
Participants in the Bronx RHIO comprise the full spectrum of health services in the Bronx and many have multiple service sites. To learn if the place(s) where you get your care is a participant of the Bronx RHIO, click on the Directory of Participants.
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