Privacy Policy

The Bronx RHIO privacy policy specifies that:

  • All state and federal laws and regulations regarding Protected Health Information will be adhered to.
  • A patient’s data will be shared only after obtaining his/her written consent and only for treatment or quality improvement purposes.
  • Every patient has the right to refuse to allow the sharing of his/her medical information in the Bronx RHIO.
  • Due to complex policies surrounding protected health information and adolescents, information on patients ages 10-17 (inclusive) may not be available through the Bronx RHIO

If you have questions about Bronx RHIO privacy, please contact the facility where you receive care. The Bronx RHIO’s full Policies and Procedures can be found here.


The Bronx RHIO has implemented policies and procedures for receiving, investigating and responding to complaints from stakeholders in the SHIN-NY, including Participants:

  • Any SHIN-NY stakeholders, including any Participant, may file with the Bronx RHIO a complaint of any suspected non-compliance with applicable federal or state laws or with the Certification Requirements. The complaint (the “Non-Compliance Complaint”) must be in writing on the Bronx RHIO Non-Compliance Complaint Form.
  • A Non-Compliance Complaint related to the Bronx RHIO or a Participant must be filed within 180 days from the date the complainant knew or should have known that non-compliance occurred for the Non-Compliance Complaint to be subject to investigation under the Bronx RHIO Policy.
  • If a Non-Compliance Complaint related to the Bronx RHIO or a Participant is filed with the Bronx RHIO, the RHIO will conduct an Internal Investigation in accordance with its Policies and Procedures.
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